Jacky Venson (USA)
Jacky Venson (USA)


  • vrijdag, 25 mei om 22.00 uur


Outstanding musical skill and an irresistible smile are her trademarks!  


Jackie Venson may be considered a ‘blues musician’, but not only does the young guitarist from Austin/Texas have an exceptional voice, she also refuses to be restricted in her diversity.

So the charismatic multi-instrumentalist boldly presents on her current album “Live at Strange Brew” a genial mix of styles and atmospheres – always deeply rooted in an iridescent rainbow of Stratocaster sounds.

Jackie Venson, an avid music lover since early childhood, inspires with her vibrant musical soul, an expressive voice and the passionate mastery of her instruments. Jackie is an exceptional talent.

She knows what she is doing. Carefully she blends R’n’B, soul, rock and raw, melancholy blues. Not highbrow in any way, but instinctively. You could be forgiven for thinking that music flows through her body unfiltered, always finding the right way out.

Her live appearances reveal what makes her music so incredibly powerful: emotion and passion. Unaffectedly she awes with her clean sound, authentic blues and soul and a profound bond with her audience. Music isn’t only what Venson is playing – it also defines where she wants to be: on stage. And that’s exactly where she belongs.



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